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This beautiful handcrafted pen body is made of pinecones & coloured resins to mimic both land & water. The cones were dried & the seeds replanted to grow new trees. Thanks, Peter, for your continued support. A $50 value!
Pinecone & Resin Sierra Style Pen.
Current Bid: $11.00
High Bidder:82895
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
Click to like! 3003  Dec 02 11:00PM
Valued at $75.00, this messenger bag, waist pouch combo is from PromoCentre, Niagara's premier promotional media agency. Our business is about growing your business.
Grey Messenger Bag, Waist Pouch Combo.
Current Bid: $1.00
High Bidder:10013
Retail Price: $75.00 CDN
Click to like! 4408  Dec 03 07:20PM
Tove Bowman in Fonthill, has donated this $60 one of a kind beautiful handcrafted crocheted shawl. Enjoy the warmth and colors year-round on any cool evening. Thanks, Tove.
Handcrafted Crocheted Shawl.
Current Bid: $2.00
High Bidder:62072
Retail Price: $60.00 CDN
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A useful, durable Calvin Klein fashionable back pack. A great gift; it's so nice you'll likely keep it for yourself. Donated by Lisa Raham, Past President of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South. A $198 value!
Calvin Klein Black Back Pack.
Current Bid: $1.00
High Bidder:00940
Retail Price: $198.00 CDN
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The Old Emporium in Niagara Falls has donated a Ladies' Roccobarocco Cotton Fabric Purse. Charcoal with Grey Straps and bottom, with brass coloured accents. Zipper closure with 2 end pockets. A $79 value.
Roccobarocco Purse.
Current Bid: $1.00
High Bidder:89069
Retail Price: $79.00 CDN
Click to like! 13804  Dec 04 11:00PM
Warren & Regina Rose have donated a Hookah pipe with a beautiful carrying case & value of $130. A hookah pipe is an instrument for heating or vaporizing & then smoking tobacco or sometimes cannabis.
Hookah Pipe.
Current Bid: $1.00
High Bidder:62072
Retail Price: $130.00 CDN