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Mike and Ben Foschini at the Welland Avenue Car Wash (St. Catharines) offer this book of 5 External car wash coupons with a value of $75. A great Xmas gift for anyone who likes to keep their car spotlessly clean.
5 Basic External Car Washes SC.
Current Bid: $1.00
High Bidder:10013
Retail Price: $75.00 CDN
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A $100 Golf Town Gift Card donated by Moyer Consulting Grp- Vineland-providing small & mid sized companies with employee benefit & retirement programs. Clients are provided with targeted & customized solutions & product
Golf Town Gift Card.
Current Bid: $50.00
High Bidder:41169
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Need to spruce up your garden or add flowers to your home? This $100 gift certificate from Welland's premier flower and plant provider, Vermeer's Garden Centre & Flower Shop, will make you feel bloomin good!
Garden Centre Certificate.
Current Bid: $72.00
High Bidder:75004
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Generously donated by Frank Strathearn and Royal LePage NRC Realty, Brokerage, 2 $50 gift certificates for Coppola's Ristorante & Banquet Facility. Frank is a long time member of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South.
Dining at Coppola's Ristorante St. Cath.
Current Bid: $72.00
High Bidder:18066
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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The Niagara College greenhouse is open. They have poinsettias for the Holiday season, also perennials, hanging baskets, and bedding plants.  Use your $100 gift certificate at our NOTL Campus or online.
Certificate for Greenhouse Plants.
Current Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:17811
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Laura Sentineal, of Sentineal Carriages has generously provided a  gift certificate for a horse drawn carriage ride through the "prettiest town", Niagara-on-the-Lake. Thank you for your continued support! A $100 value
Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride.
Current Bid: $11.00
High Bidder:51477
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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American Artist Joseph B Kahill ( 1882 - 1957) print of painting " The Collector" Depicts an elderly stamp collector inspecting a rare stamp for his collection. Gold frame, excellent condition.
Framed Print 'The Collector' 28.
Opening Bid: No Bids
High Bidder:No Bids
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Specialising in new and refaced cabinetry and in serving Niagara, Crowland Cabinetry takes pride in listening to our customers. Many thanks Crowland, for the $100 gift certificate for Ye Old Squire Restaurant.
Ye Olde Squire Restaurant Welland.
Current Bid: $10.00
High Bidder:65721
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Enjoy a dining experience at The KEG STEAKHOUSE, one of St. Catharines' best restaurants. This $100 gift certificate is thanks to Newman Bros. They've been building in Ontario for over 100 years.
Dining at the Keg Steak House.
Current Bid: $82.00
High Bidder:17811
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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This limited 4 disc edition of The Misfits -Static Age is in its original presentation coffin and is a collectors item. The value is $100. Donated by Rotarian Ken Taylor. Thanks Ken!
Collectible 4 Discs - The Misfits.
Opening Bid: No Bids
High Bidder:No Bids
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Thank you Saleeb Magdy at Stamford Medical Pharmacy (Niagara Falls), providing personal service for over 30 years. Saleeb has provided an automatic blood pressure monitor Clinically Validated for Accuracy. Value $100
Blood Pressure Monitor.
Current Bid: $2.00
High Bidder:89695
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN