Block 14
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A $50 hand crafted bracelet cuff that is wearable art, made in Niagara Falls with various metals & materials - mainly everyday found objects. This item was uniquely created for the auction by Angela Peebles. Thx, Angela.Block Closed
Hand Crafted Bracelet Cuff.
Final Bid: $37.00
High Bidder:04147
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Use this $50 gift card from Petro Canada for your automotive needs. Then call Aaron Ker, a Sun Life agent, to help you with life insurance, health insurance and investment strategies. Thanks Aaron for supporting Rotary!Block Closed
Gift Card for Petro Canada.
Final Bid: $49.00
High Bidder:69879
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Nightwatch Security offers exceptional security services including monitoring, cable wiring, video surveillance & more to residential & commercial clients throughout the region. Thanks for this $50 Amazon Gift Card.Block Closed
Amazon Gift Card.
Final Bid: $51.00
High Bidder:90386
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Thank you Sally Howard/ Howard Realty for donating a gift certificate value $50 to Four Brothers Cucina in Niagara Falls. Enjoy a great night out. Call Sally to list or find your new home.Block Closed
Dining Four Brothers Cucina NF.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:79540
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Enjoy a $50 Gift Card to The Garrison House. Its casual atmosphere, paired with great food and an outstanding beer and wine list will keep you coming back for more! Expires March 15, 2021Block Closed
Casual Dining in NOTL.
Final Bid: $44.00
High Bidder:90386
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Root Bissonnette Walker LLP, Fonthill has generously donated gift cards for MR MIKES Steakhouse, a favourite Welland restaurant. Unwind & enjoy fantastic food & drink specials. Support our local businesses-a $50 ValueBlock Closed
Dining at Mr. Mikes in Welland.
Final Bid: $42.00
High Bidder:34025
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Summers are increasingly hotter. The solution is a personal AC that is portable, energy-efficient, cost-effective, & simple to set up.It also benefits your health at a value of $89. Donated by a friend of Rotary.Block Closed
Blaux Portable AC.
Final Bid: $54.00
High Bidder:48862
Retail Price: $89.00 CDN
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Roman Cheese, Montrose Road N.F. offers a vast assortment of Italian meats, cheeses, specialty foods, locally made & imported. The $100 gift certificate is generously donated by accountants at Waters, Meredith & PartnersBlock Closed
Roman Cheese Products.
Final Bid: $100.00
High Bidder:98932
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Mark Lemay and his team are skilled in all facets of home renovation, including concrete, paint, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and waterproofing. Use this $100 certificate towards that dream home renovation.Block Closed
Certificate for Household Renovations.
Final Bid: $37.00
High Bidder:78383
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Dave Alexander of the Wine Place in Niagara Falls is supporting Rotary Auction with this $100 certificate towards a batch of wine. Create your own masterpiece in Dave's Shop under the supervision of an expert in home wine makingBlock Closed
One Batch of Wine.
Final Bid: $96.00
High Bidder:62164
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN