Block 19
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Tango Boutique is celebrating 30 years in Niagara, and we welcome them to the Rotary Auction. This $50 certificate is valid at Ridley Square in St. Catharines, or Mount Carmel Plaza in Niagara Falls. No expiry date!!Block Closed
Tango Boutique Certificate.
Final Bid: $32.00
High Bidder:41640
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Happy Bees Apiary in Fenwick has donated a gift Box of 3 Jars of local Niagara Honey & Mint Lip Balm. Flavours include Pumpkin Spice (350g), Wildflower (500g), & Cinnamon (350g). Retail Value $50. Bee happy - bid highBlock Closed
Honey Gift Box.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:80149
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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For the person who likes to wear designer clothes without spending a fortune, you'll love these two $25 gift certificates, for use at any of the 6 Goodwill Stores in Niagara. Thanks Goodwill for supporting our Auction!Block Closed
Certificate for Goodwill Stores.
Final Bid: $43.00
High Bidder:87977
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Thank you Best Western Cairn Croft NF for donating a $50 one hour round of golf @ one of the worlds 80 top courses on a state of the art Full Swing Indoor Simulator(s).Enjoy the sportsbar a fun and engaging evironment!Block Closed
1 Hour Niagara Golf Lounge Simulators.
Final Bid: $38.00
High Bidder:25632
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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The Frugal Dutchman has donated a $52 gift certificate for 3 hours of gaming for 4 plus snacks at their Ridgeway location. It's Fort Erie's newest game lounge & soda shoppe with hundreds of games to choose from. Enjoy!Block Closed
Frugal Dutchman Gaming, Ridgeway.
Final Bid: $21.00
High Bidder:10685
Retail Price: $52.00 CDN
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Friend of Rotary Walter Tomkiewica offers a $50 GC to the 43NorthGroup Restaurants Culinary Dropout Johnny Rocco's Mick & Angelo's Cracker Jacks These fine restaurants in the Niagara Region will delight your tastebudsBlock Closed
Dining 43 North Group Restaurants.
Final Bid: $52.00
High Bidder:48951
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Sunny Halani of UPS on McLeod Road,NF,donated a 24-page full-colour calendar that you can personalize with your own photos. Includes shredding package to safely destroy sensitive personal & business documents. Value $55Block Closed
Your Photo Calendar + Shredding Package.
Final Bid: $21.00
High Bidder:47457
Retail Price: $55.00 CDN
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Looking for a unique ladies handbag? This bag is sure to be a big hit for the dog lover in your life. Colours are tan, black & cream. Then to add an extra touch is a $20 Gift Card to Winners. A $60 ValueBlock Closed
Ladies Handbag & Winners Gift Card.
Final Bid: $46.00
High Bidder:80149
Retail Price: $60.00 CDN
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Midas on Ontario Street in St Catharines has donated a $75.00 gift card to Starbucks. Take a break in this busy season and enjoy a latte & biscotti with friends! Thank you Vicky!Block Closed
Starbucks Gift Card.
Final Bid: $76.00
High Bidder:61611
Retail Price: $75.00 CDN
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Thank you to Jeff Vanyo of Olsen Sottile Insurance in Niagara Falls for his donation of a $50. Four Brothers Cucina gift certificate in Niagara Falls. A great stocking stuffer. Call Jeff for all your insurance needs.Block Closed
Dining Four Brothers Cucina NF.
Final Bid: $47.00
High Bidder:76545
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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E.L. Crossley Secondary School offers this $50 gift certificate for a night out at Iggy's Bar and Grill on Highway 20 in Fonthill.  Crossley staff and students celebrate and value the Rotary Club of Fonthill.Block Closed
Iggy's Pub and Grill Gift Certificate.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:15624
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN