Block 20
Click to like! 2001  Dec 03 09:20PM
Enjoy an evening at the Keg with this $50 gift card. Generously donated by Paul Goodman, President of Goodman Group Insurance.Block Closed
Dining at The Keg.
Final Bid: $50.00
High Bidder:10372
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
Click to like! 2002  Dec 03 09:20PM
Fred Tong and his partners at the Mandarin Restaurant, Niagara Square, Niagara Falls generously donate 2 $25.00 lunch or dinner certificates. The Mandrin is a family favourite. Value $50. Thank you Fred.Block Closed
Lunch or Dinner at the Mandarin.
Final Bid: $46.00
High Bidder:79540
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
Click to like! 2003  Dec 03 09:20PM
Doug and Chuck at Chip'n Charlies support Rotary with 2 X $25.00 GIFT CARDS.For food only -eat in. Niagara Fall's favourite sports bar. Full menu,Lunch specials every day. Have a great meal. Thanks "Chipper and Tuna"Block Closed
Sports Bar Dining in Niagara Falls.
Final Bid: $43.00
High Bidder:02669
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
Click to like! 2004  Dec 03 09:20PM
Minor Bros Country Living in Fonthill has donated a metal Caged Songbird Vintage Feeder, with a 3.18kg bag of Armstrong Wild Bird Feed and a $20 Gift Card. At MB, totalling $55 with 8 locations across OntarioBlock Closed
Songbird Feeder, Seed & Gift Certificate.
Final Bid: $56.00
High Bidder:37879
Retail Price: $55.00 CDN
Click to like! 2005  Dec 03 09:20PM
Stainless Slow Cooker for 8 to 12 servings. Set for 30 minutes to 20 hours and come home to a ready cooked meal. Impress the family and guests alike. Donated by a friend of Rotary - a $55 value.Block Closed
6.6 litre 3 Heat Level Digital Slow Cooker.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:69879
Retail Price: $55.00 CDN
Click to like! 2006  Dec 03 09:20PM
Dr. Albert Scales, Lakeshore Chiropractic Group, is honoured to donate a Posture Wedge-neck treatment device + Cryoderm Warming Lotion. This warming comfort for sore muscles and joints has a Combined total Value of $55.Block Closed
Posture Wedge + Cryoderm Lotion.
Final Bid: $24.00
High Bidder:64876
Retail Price: $55.00 CDN
Click to like! 2007  Dec 03 09:20PM
Sunny Halani of UPS on McLeod Road has donated a 24-page full-colour calendar that you can personalize with your own photos. Includes shredding package to safely destroy sensitive personal & business documents. Value $55Block Closed
Personalized Calendar - Your Photos.
Final Bid: $26.00
High Bidder:49646
Retail Price: $55.00 CDN
Click to like! 2008  Dec 03 09:20PM
Seasonal Maintenance Package- value $60. Consists of Oil Change, fluid top-up, & battery check valid at any Green & Ross Tire Centre. Rotary appreciates your on going support Green & Ross Tire. $60 valueBlock Closed
Seasonal Maintenance Package.
Final Bid: $33.00
High Bidder:48174
Retail Price: $60.00 CDN
Click to like! 2009  Dec 03 09:20PM
Niagara Oast House Brewers are a leading, small batch brewery in N-O-T-L. A pioneer in Farmhouse-style brewing, Oast donated an $60 Tour&Tasting for 4. Tour is subject to Covid rules, but does not have an expiry date.Block Closed
Tour & Tasting for 4.
Final Bid: $46.00
High Bidder:12432
Retail Price: $60.00 CDN
Click to like! 2010  Dec 03 09:20PM
The NEW LOCATION of Niagara Toner + Ink is Welland Ave across from the Beer Store in St. Catharines. Their prices are the best for refills or compatibles. Valid to Nov 2021 A great stocking stuffer. Value $60Block Closed
Refills or Compatibles Ink Cartridge.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:84880
Retail Price: $60.00 CDN