Block 22
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Meadows Pharmacy is supporting Rotary fundraising with this Homedics Percussion Hand Held Massager with Heat. Smoothing comfort for all your hardworking muscles. Worth $65.Block Closed
Handheld Massager.
Final Bid: $32.00
High Bidder:14335
Retail Price: $65.00 CDN
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Nike provides quality & good looks in its golf clothing! Bid high on this Men's large Nike Dri-Fit 'Victory' Golf Shirt. Navy Blue always works with pretty well anything in your wardrobe! A $65 value! Thanks,Powerbev.IncBlock Closed
Nike Golf Shirt- Navy Blue Men's L.
Final Bid: $49.00
High Bidder:89069
Retail Price: $65.00 CDN
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Enjoy 2 tickets for one of 5 great 2023 performances at the Light House Theatre in Port Colborne. Two Norm Foster plays - one a World Premier, two other plays or a musical performance. Reserve your seats in advance.Block Closed
Theatre Tickets for Lighthouse Festival.
Final Bid: $49.00
High Bidder:16624
Retail Price: $68.00 CDN
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This is a great treat. Enjoyable for all skill levels. Forward tees easy, back tees challenging. Greens hold your shot & the putts are true. Enjoy Welland's Grassy Brook Course for 9 holes for 2 with cart. Valued at $68Block Closed
9 Holes of Golf for 2 with Cart.
Final Bid: $51.00
High Bidder:87977
Retail Price: $68.00 CDN
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Extra Large Gaming Mouse Pad for the gaming enthusiast. From Cyberdyne Systems providing computer sales and systems for over 30 years.Block Closed
Gaming Mouse Pad.
Final Bid: $11.00
High Bidder:16624
Retail Price: $70.00 CDN
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Quality ingredients yield delicious results with this charcuterie board + $20 certificate from Churchhill Meats. Compliments of Edward Jones advisor, Nicolle Lalonde, also offering a complimentary portfolio review. $70Block Closed
Charcuterie Board + Churchhill Meats FH.
Final Bid: $47.00
High Bidder:07662
Retail Price: $70.00 CDN
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Beautiful inspirational plaques for the kid's room. " a true SUPERHERO - shares his toys, Has good manners, Does his best, Loves his family.and " Read me a story, Tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer kiss me good night"Block Closed
Handmade Wooden Plaques for Child's Room.
Final Bid: $27.00
High Bidder:62072
Retail Price: $70.00 CDN
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Four Brothers Cucina is celebrating 50+ years of serving "mama approved" fine Italian food in Niagara Falls. A quaint family restaurant serving traditional Italian cuisine with a dedication to food & service.  Value $50.Block Closed
Four Brothers Cucina NF Authentic Italian.
Final Bid: $47.00
High Bidder:26704
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Thank you Turtle Jack's for donating a $50 GC. Over 30 years the Lishman family offers delicious, fresh food served with fun! Be greeted as a new friend & indulge on the flavourful menu items prepared fresh each day!Block Closed
Dining Turtle Jack's NF.
Final Bid: $56.00
High Bidder:10733
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Reduce body fat, increase strength, feel better! Come to KwikFit Niagara in Fonthill once a week for only 15 min! This $90 Certificate provides 3 effective workouts with a trainer. Results guaranteed!Block Closed
1 on 1 High Intensity ResistiveTraining FH.
Final Bid: $16.00
High Bidder:86003
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
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Mark Lemay and his team are skilled in all facets of home renovation, including concrete, paint, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and waterproofing. Use this $100 certificate towards that dream home renovation.Block Closed
Certificate for Household Renovations.
Final Bid: $52.00
High Bidder:57823
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN