December 5th to 7th 2019
Block 29
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Thanks to The Kosilos brothers for this $50 certificate to experience extra-fine dining and hospitality at the famous Blue Mermaid located at Market Square in St. Catharines. A unique  experience for a special occasionBlock Closed
Dining in St Catharines.
Final Bid: $44.00
High Bidder:04147
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Thank you Jeffery of Jeffery Campbell Personal Injury Law located in NF for offering a $50 certificate to Sandstone Grillhouse. Casual Fine Dining redefined!Enjoy comfort classics Italian favourites Steaks & Seafood!Block Closed
Dine at Sandstone Grillhouse in NF.
Final Bid: $40.00
High Bidder:63236
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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The Old Bank Bistro & Bar in Fort Erie was voted #1 by EatSmart for the past 3 years. They've donated a $50 Gift Certificate (see menu for perusal). This helps Rotary Fort Erie help Guatemalan mums & babies. Thx Sammy!Block Closed
Dining in Fort Erie.
Final Bid: $42.00
High Bidder:81671
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Enjoy a chance to eat at Betty's in Niagara Falls with this $50 gift certificate. Thanks to Chris at the Seniors Review for supporting Rotary and Betty's!Block Closed
Dining at Betty's in Chippawa.
Final Bid: $54.00
High Bidder:82390
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Smith Family DENTISTRY, on 27 Church Str, St Catharines, kindly donates 4 Ice Dogs vs Barrie Colts tickets for Friday Jan 17th, 2020  at 7.00pm. Sect.105, Row K, Seats 19-22 (Value $100)Block Closed
4 Ice Dogs vs Barrie Colts on Jan 17.
Final Bid: $52.00
High Bidder:14666
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Open a new account starting with an opening balance of $100 at any Niagara Region branch of Bank of Montreal.  Donated by Chris Dyer and his Niagara BMO Team, it's a great Christmas gift for your grandchild.  Value $100Block Closed
Start a Bank Account.
Final Bid: $92.00
High Bidder:17283
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Rockway Vineyards is providing the successful bidder with a certificate for Wine Tasting & Self-Guided tour of Rockway Vineyards Antique Wine Museum for up to 10 guests. Enjoy wine tastings from Winemaker David StasiukBlock Closed
Tour & Wine Tasting for 10.
Final Bid: $38.00
High Bidder:37965
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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With Professionalism and integrity, ATA in Niagara Falls is supporting Rotary with this full service Oil, filter and lube certificate along with an emergency kit w/ jumper cable. $100 gift ideal for a young driver.Block Closed
Oil, Filter & Lube and Emergency Kit.
Final Bid: $52.00
High Bidder:31417
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Wine Place owners David & Mark Alexander offer a $100 gift certificate for a batch of your own very special wine. Wine Place, in the Falls, offers a professionally designed wine making environment. Expires April 2020.Block Closed
1 Batch of Wine.
Final Bid: $88.00
High Bidder:62164
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Thanks Jass from Mr. Quick Car Wash in Niagara Falls for providing 5 complete car washes with premium soft wash, under car wash and hand drying. A clean car is a happy car. A perfect gift for Mom or Dad. $100 Value.Block Closed
Mr Quick 5 Complete Car Washes.
Final Bid: $76.00
High Bidder:14666
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Use this certificate for your next purchase of fireworks. Niagara's premier fireworks supplier, Victoria Fireworks in Fenwick, is providing the successful bidder $100 in merchandise. Celebrate the Holidays in style!Block Closed
Cetificate for Fireworks.
Final Bid: $92.00
High Bidder:81649
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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This $120 voucher is for 2 seats at a Foster Festival play this summer (2020) at the Performing Arts Centre. Enjoy a play that will keep you laughing. Written by the famous and very witty  Canadian Playwriter Norm FosterBlock Closed
2 Tickets to a 2020 Foster Festival Play.
Final Bid: $70.00
High Bidder:85967
Retail Price: $120.00 CDN