Block 3
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M.Y. Travel and Colonial Cleaners in Port Colborne are pleased to donate a $50 Gift Certificate for Dry Cleaning Services. Thx taher & Tahera for helping Rotary provide student scholarships & leadership courses.Block Closed
Dry Cleaning Services in Port Colborne.
Final Bid: $11.00
High Bidder:04232
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Thank you Rotarian Richard Gark for donating a $50 gift certificate to Valley Restaurant. Something for everyone to enjoy Have an intimate dinner in a cubby True Italian inspiration with in-house pasta served al dente.Block Closed
Dining Valley Restaurant.
Final Bid: $50.00
High Bidder:33566
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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This gift certificate will get you $50 off of the purchase of a batch of their excellent wine at Wines With A Twist in Fort Erie.  Thank you Gillian and Sally for your generous donation & continued support.Block Closed
Certificate towards a Batch of Wine.
Final Bid: $27.00
High Bidder:75273
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Rotarians Dr. June Mergl from the Animal Medical Centers and Paul Bright from Tim Horton's have joined together to provide Tims Gift Cards. Love your Tim's. Thank you June and PaulBlock Closed
Tim's Card.
Final Bid: $52.00
High Bidder:80149
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Use this $50 certificate at any Global Pet Foods Store including 344 Glendale Ave. & 400 Scott St., St. Cath; & 3643 Portage Rd., NF. Highest quality foods, expertise & unmatched customer service. 2021 Brand of The Year.Block Closed
Pet Foods Gift Certificate.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:13097
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Thank you Laura at St Catharine's Mazda for donating this gift card valued at $50 . This card is like cash - use it for your Winter service or parts. Think bigger and use it as a deposit on your next Mazda purchase.Block Closed
Certificate for Sales or Service.
Final Bid: $23.00
High Bidder:11988
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Rotarian Lynn Lewis has donated a $50 Carpaccio Gift Card. Carpaccio- old world tastes collide in a new world setting. Excellence in Taste & atmosphere. Fine Italian cuisine with freshest Mediterranean ingredients.Block Closed
Carpaccio Restaurant.
Final Bid: $45.00
High Bidder:41957
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Cindy Chung of The Orchid Inn and Ginger Restaurant donates a $50 Gift Certificate. Perfect for an intimate evening out for a relaxed dinner with friends. Serving seasonal menus featuring Asian Fusion cuisine.Block Closed
Dining in Niagara Falls.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:15624
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Thank you, Sue Forcier, of Niagara Peninsula Energy, for donating a $50 Gift Voucher to the  Turtle Jack's. We thank NPE, your local utility, for their continued support to Rotary & our community.Block Closed
Turtle Jack's Restaurant.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:17811
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Billy Bones BBQ has donated Two 1/2 Rack Dinners + 1 Bottle of their delicious BBQ sauce. This gift certificate can be redeemed at the next Niagara Falls Rotary Ribfest on Father's Day weekend or at our drive thru eventsBlock Closed
Gift Card for Two 1/2 Rack Dinners + Sauce.
Final Bid: $60.00
High Bidder:98932
Retail Price: $75.00 CDN
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This one is for the whole family!  A VIP Family Pass to the House of Frankenstein and The Crystal Caves, a mirror maze adventure and Coaster at Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls. A $120 value. Our thanks to Ian Paul and IPCOBlock Closed
Frank'n Roller Coaster and More.
Final Bid: $46.00
High Bidder:06907
Retail Price: $120.00 CDN