Block 32
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Coloured Frosting Jewellery & Event Planning, Welland, have donated 2 rings- a Tungsten Ring from Selected Styles & a Silicone Ring from In Stock Options. Images of options will be presented to the winner. $90 valueBlock Closed
One Tungsten Ring and One Silicone Ring.
Final Bid: $32.00
High Bidder:93101
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
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This Fundalmentals Bird Feeder donated by Wild Birds Unlimited in Burlington is one of the best for keeping squirrels away. Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bird feeding, bringing people & nature together. A $90 valueBlock Closed
Fundamentals Bird Feeder.
Final Bid: $56.00
High Bidder:80149
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
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Reduce body fat, increase strength, feel better! Come to KwikFit Niagara in Fonthill once a week for only 15 min! This $90 Certificate provides 3 effective workouts with a trainer. Results guaranteed!Block Closed
1 on 1 High Intensity ResistiveTraining FH.
Final Bid: $12.00
High Bidder:18224
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
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A thrilling experience of suspended obstacles & ziplines high above Whirlpool & Niagara Gorge. 3 self paced courses includes dozens of games.  Our cliff side courses are totally new & unique! A $90 valueBlock Closed
Whirlpool Adventure Course for 2.
Final Bid: $70.00
High Bidder:47457
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
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Crane Supply has donated a set of BeeBop Wireless Headphones + a Crane T-shirt size L. Contact Crane Supply for all of your commercial and industrial piping, plumbing, and mechanical equipment needs. Thanks Crane SupplyBlock Closed
BeeBop Wireless Headphones + T-shirt.
Final Bid: $42.00
High Bidder:84880
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
Click to like! 3206  Dec 01 11:20PM
Linda Gaspich offers this $90 certificate for Manual Orthopedic Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Services at her 300 Welland Ave. location in St. Catharines. Thanks to Linda for her support of the Rotary Mega AuctionBlock Closed
Physiotherapy Services.
Final Bid: $34.00
High Bidder:83720
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
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Be sure to bid on this Vintage Tiffany lamp with brass base. Stands 12 inches high. A lovely addition to your home. Thanks for supporting our Mega Rotary Auction. $90 valueBlock Closed
Tiffany Lamp.
Final Bid: $50.00
High Bidder:94485
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
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Walking poles can be beneficial to those suffering from arthritis & joint pain. They can also help strengthen muscles in the arms & upper body along with helping keep your balance by distributing your weight evenly.Block Closed
Pair of Walking Poles.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:33600
Retail Price: $95.00 CDN
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Mark Lemay and his team are skilled in all facets of home renovation, including concrete, paint, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and waterproofing. Use this $100 certificate towards that dream home renovation.Block Closed
Certificate for Household Renovations.
Final Bid: $40.00
High Bidder:57823
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Ciao! Ciao! $100 gift certificate for Piano Piano. The Italian restaurant you always wished was just around the corner is delighted to meet you. It's soulful, warm, welcoming and fun.  Locations in Oakville and Toronto.Block Closed
Piano Piano Restaurant.
Final Bid: $75.00
High Bidder:47042
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Niagara Inflatables has provided a $100 Gift Certificate for use towards either Yard Card Rental, or Party @ Stuffy's Fun Station or off Combo Bouncer. Niagara Inflatables brings you the best in Event Solutions & Party RBlock Closed
Yard Card Rental or Off ComboBouncer.
Final Bid: $31.00
High Bidder:18224
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN