Block 33
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Does your Lady have cold feet? The solution - a warm,cozy collection of Canadian Appendage Apparel. Perfect for those cold winter nights. Slipper socks,ankle socks,regular socks, touch screen gloves and a toque.$80 valueBlock Closed
The Canadiana Cabin Collection.
Final Bid: $98.00
High Bidder:25646
Retail Price: $80.00 CDN
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Steve deBoer of Zoom Leisure Bikes is donating a Full day bike rental for 2 to discover why Niagara is one of Canada's most popular cycling destinations. Experience Niagara's friendly towns, lush gardens, vineyards $80Block Closed
Full Day Bike Rental.
Final Bid: $28.00
High Bidder:17283
Retail Price: $80.00 CDN
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Hockey Tickets Again! Stolk Construction Ltd. of Port Colborne has generously donated 4 Niagara Icedogs vs Mississauga Steelheads tickets for Tues. Feb. 1st, 2022 at 7 p.m. Sec. 102, Row P, Seats 1-4. An $80 value!Block Closed
4 Section 102 Ice Dogs vs Steelheads Feb 1.
Final Bid: $48.00
High Bidder:48174
Retail Price: $80.00 CDN
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Enjoy ONE loaf of bread per month, for a year from COBS Bread Ridley Square, St Catharines! Valid on any loaf: whole wheat, artisan, cinnamon, seed, & more!  A value of $80. Thank you Marko for your continued support!Block Closed
12 Loaves of Bread.
Final Bid: $64.00
High Bidder:25646
Retail Price: $80.00 CDN
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Paul's Garden Centre, corner of Shaw Street & Prince Charles Drive in Welland, has donated this $85 gift certificate for a 2021 Christmas tree of your choice. Be sure to check out all their Christmas and garden items.Block Closed
Christmas Tree of Your Choice.
Final Bid: $78.00
High Bidder:37879
Retail Price: $85.00 CDN
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Coppola's Restaurant, located at 203 Carlton St., St. Catharines, is one of Niagara's finest Italian restaurants, offering banquet facilities for up to 200 people. Gerry Coppola offers you this $50 dining certificate.Block Closed
Fine Dining in St. Catharines.
Final Bid: $52.00
High Bidder:24754
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Linda Gaspich, with her experienced team, offers this $90 certificate for Manual Orthopedic Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Services at her Welland Ave. location in St. Catharines. Thanks to Linda for her support of RotaryBlock Closed
Physiotherapy Services.
Final Bid: $14.00
High Bidder:13736
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
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Reduce body fat, increase strength, feel better! Come to KwikFit Niagara in Fonthill once a week for only 15 min! This $90 certificate provides 3 effective workouts with a trainer. Results guaranteed!Block Closed
1 on 1 High Intensity ResistiveTraining FH.
Final Bid: $21.00
High Bidder:04232
Retail Price: $90.00 CDN
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A great chance to get a $100.00 certificate  good for purchase or repair on any product or service at Niagara Motors in Virgil. Certificate expires December 31, 2022 Bid high!Block Closed
Purchase or Repairs Certificate.
Final Bid: $52.00
High Bidder:61611
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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A  great place for dining away from home, MyPlace in Fonthill has an inspired new menu,great service & a laid back,comfy feel. Thanks much for the $100 gift certificate.Great for bringing your'bubble'of friends together!Block Closed
MyPlace Dining Out.
Final Bid: $80.00
High Bidder:63500
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Welland's ROSE CITY SUITES offers a 1 Night Stay for 2 in spacious suite including continental Breakfast.Ideal for out-of-town guests or family reunion. Not available July/August or New Year's Eve. $150 value Exp.Dec.22Block Closed
1 Night Stay with Breakfast for 2 Welland.
Final Bid: $82.00
High Bidder:15534
Retail Price: $150.00 CDN