December 5th to 7th 2019
Block 67
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Long time Rotary TV Auction supporters, Dan & Sharon O'Hara of O'Hara Trucking & Excavating in St Catharines, are pleased to donate a $600 gift card to Home Depot. What a treat for you and the family! Thx, Dan and SharonBlock Closed
Home Depot Gift Card.
Final Bid: $570.00
High Bidder:33566
Retail Price: $600.00 CDN
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Gary Disher of Niagara Truck 'N' Stuff invites you to visit his showroom at 12 Dunlop Drive in St Catharines for all your Truck after market needs. Gary generously donated a gift certificate valued at $600.00Block Closed
Gift Certificate.
Final Bid: $320.00
High Bidder:11669
Retail Price: $600.00 CDN
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Paradise pools, located in NF on Drummond Rd; St Cath. on St Paul W; Welland on Thorold Rd & FE on Dominion Rd, is pleased to donate a pool opening & closing for 2020. A $600 value; Paradise is Closer Than You Think!Block Closed
Pool Opening & Closing for 2020.
Final Bid: $254.00
High Bidder:52192
Retail Price: $600.00 CDN
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Steve & Gary Talosi of Lifestyle Wealth donated 2 tickets for Raptors vs Denver Nuggets on Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 6:00 pm. Aisle seats, 19 rows up behind visitor bench. Lifestyle Wealth for winning advice. Value $606Block Closed
2 Raptors vs Denver March 22.
Final Bid: $600.00
High Bidder:80361
Retail Price: $606.00 CDN
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John Penwarden of Penwarden Appraisals has generously donated a 36X32 mohogany coloured  frame & matted Clarence Gagnon numbered print titled 'March In The Birch Woods' Value $625. A great addition to your home or officeBlock Closed
Clarence Gagnon 'March In The Birch Woods'.
Final Bid: $116.00
High Bidder:47395
Retail Price: $625.00 CDN
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Unlimited, booked access to Squash courts.access to weight & cardio machines,locker rooms and free locker rental.Value of $630. At Ball Hockey Athletic Center.Block Closed
One year SQUASH Membership.
Final Bid: $41.00
High Bidder:04123
Retail Price: $630.00 CDN
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With 9 locations to service the entire Niagara area, AAPEX Driving Academy is the leader in driver education,teaching students to LOOK-PREDICT-PREVENT. This exclusive beginner driving program package is a $730 value.Block Closed
Beginners Driver Education - Full Program.
Final Bid: $610.00
High Bidder:18143
Retail Price: $730.00 CDN
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Gordon Wright Electric donated a Mastercraft, 400 piece socket and tool set (1/4 3/8 1/2 drives, SAE + metric) worth $750. Contact Gordon Wright in Niagara Falls for ICI electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration needs.Block Closed
Mastercraft 400 Piece Socket & Tool Set.
Final Bid: $218.00
High Bidder:31995
Retail Price: $750.00 CDN
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Jill C Anthony, Professional Corporation, Barrister & Solicitor in Fonthill, has generously donated Reciprocal Wills & Powers of Attorney for Personal Care & Property for the successful bidder & spouse. A $1000 value!Block Closed
Reciprocal Wills & Powers of Attorney.
Final Bid: $480.00
High Bidder:73400
Retail Price: $1000.00 CDN
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Cotton Inc. generously donated 8 box seat tickets & 2 free parking passes to see Niagara Ice Dogs vs the Kitchener Rangers. Saturday, January 4, 2020 at 7 pm. Thanks to the Colaneri Family for this great $1000 gift.Block Closed
8 Box IceDogs vs Kitchener Jan 4.
Final Bid: $405.00
High Bidder:99411
Retail Price: $1000.00 CDN
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Noyes Jewelry in Welland has generously donated this 61 pt Total Carat Weight Diamond Ring. 10 KT White & Yellow Gold band. Newly reconditioned & appraised for $3,200- Its Appraisal is included. What a Christmas surpriseBlock Closed
10 KT White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring.
Final Bid: $900.00
High Bidder:92176
Retail Price: $3200.00 CDN
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Joe Crawford of The Joe Show is offering the successful bidder 8 weeks of 30 & 60 second ads. Joe has 4 million listeners across North America - also heard on iTunes, iHeart Radio & Spotify. Get your message out-Bid highBlock Closed
8 Weeks of 30 & 60 Second Commercials.
Final Bid: $102.00
High Bidder:47395
Retail Price: $4000.00 CDN